What is an ultrasound?

This is a type of diagnostic imaging. It allows the vet to see inside the pet’s body. It performs a scan which helps the vet determine the diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for the pet. This scanner uses soundwaves to produce an image. It can show issues with the abdomen, heart and more that previously would have required surgery to see. The pet may experience some discomfort from pressure but the sound waves do not cause any harm. The pet is usually sedated for the scan and the area to be scanned is shaved. This is generally done within 1 day and is booked in advance.

The ultrasound can pick up issues such as lesions, obstructions, changes in internal structures and pancreatitis when used on the abdomen. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound used to check for heart disease and other heart problems. When a biopsy needs to be done, the vet may also use the ultrasound to guide the needle placement for sample retrieval.