Just like humans may need transfusions under certain conditions, animals may also require blood transfusions. This is often seen in the case of serious injury or illnesses such as anaemia. They may also need a blood transfusion due to rat bait poisoning.

Unlike humans, there are no special resources available for blood transfusions for animals and vets have to rely on their own resources. Your pet can become a blood donor and help save the lives of other beloved pets. This also means that should your pet need a transfusion in the future, they would have access to it which could potentially save their lives as well.

Speak to us about the protocols and how to help other pets in need by having your pet become a blood donor. We appreciate all the silent heroes that help save lives with their donation.

This is Meg, one of our regular blood donors at the clinic. She is owned by Jo (from our administration staff) and has saved the lives of many of our patients.