One of the hardest parts of loving a pet is knowing that they are more than likely going to pass away before you do. While it may be a very difficult decision to make, sometimes we have to accept that they are suffering and we are able to make their transition a more peaceful one. To save the beloved pet from suffering, even though it breaks our hearts, we can elect to have them euthanased.  This is usually done in a 2 step process. The pet may be sedated first, especially if it is very anxious. This also allows you time to say goodbye and cuddle or stroke them while they are not in as much pain. They will then be given a large dose of general anaesthetic which will make them lose consciousness and pass away painlessly within a few minutes. If euthanasia is recommended by your vet it is usually only after all other options have been considered and there is no way of reducing pain and suffering or usually of any form of recovery for the animal. This is a last resort and you can rest assured that you are doing the best thing for your pet by relieving him or her from suffering.

Euthanasia can be done at your own home to reduce the stress for the pet and also for you. This also allows for more family members or friends to say goodbye. This is not recommended for a pet that is in severe distress or pain and cannot wait for a mobile vet. It is better to take the pet to the vet immediately. If your pet is at the vet and euthanasia is recommended, it is better to have it done there instead of at home so your pet does not have to suffer a car trip home. We can assist with arrangements for cremation or to assist with arrangements for burial at your home or a pet cemetery.