Barkes Corner Vets is one of a very select few clinics in NZ to have a room entirely dedicated to the feline species. After what can be a stressful car ride to the vet clinic, cats can hang out in their very own designated room, where they have their own private space and they can sit up high on the seats (which cats love to do) and look out the window and watch the world go by. In our cat room, we have a feliway plug in, (this mimics pheromones produced by cats) to calm them down. Also this is to keep dogs away, dogs are curious creatures and love to sniff the cats in their cages. While some cats are used to having dogs as part of their family, others can find it very distressing and their human parents may not be confident around dogs either.

You would never guess that some dogs are actually frightened of cats too. The canine species have a big spacious area to sprawl out in well away from the cats. This in turn keeps everyone happy.