Besides cats, dogs, rats and mice, we also treat other small mammals such as guinea pigs and rabbits. We can offer general consulting and breeding advice as well as vaccinations, general surgery, desexing, microchipping, dentistry and preventative health services.  We can also offer advice on the best environments and diets for your pet.


Rabbit haemorrhagic disease is fatal to unvaccinated rabbits. It is caused by the calicivirus and there are a number of different strains. To keep your rabbit protected, they should be vaccinated every 6 months. This is not a cure-all as not all strains are covered by the vaccination. There is no cure and the rabbit may not even show any signs before passing away. Possible symptoms if there are any include fever, lethargy, restlessness, poor appetite or bleeding from the nose. This disease is spread through faeces, urine and other secretions. While it is commonly contracted from other rabbits, it can be spread by other small animals or by coming in to contact with the virus in an environment. The virus can stay in an area for up to 3 months.

There are some extra precautions that can be done to help reduce the risk of contracting the disease.  Keeping your bunnies indoors is a good option or ensuring that no wild rabbits can come in to contact with them in their enclosure.  Avoid contact with other rabbits and wash your hands, clothing and shoes before entering your bunny’s enclosure if you have been in contact with any other animals. Prevent flies and fleas coming in to contact with the rabbits through using flea medication and mosquito nets if there are any around. The rabbit enclosure should be kept clean and all food that is not eaten within a day should be removed to prevent encouraging flies.

We can also advise on nutrition and day to day care of your guinea pigs and bunnies.  If your pet has a discharge, wound, bleeding lumps or there is a marked change in appetite or behaviour, bring them in for a comprehensive check-up. As with most small animals, the sooner they are diagnosed, the better the change of a successful recovery.