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Sandy Ryan - by Marie Ryan


I have a 12 year old Red Aussie Terrier named Sandy. He is an amazing natured wee man, but unfortunately he had to have a massive operation in his bowel as he ate a peach stone. This happened late November 2012. Thankfully, he is making a good recovery now.

I have been taking my animals to Barkes Corner & Brookfield Vets for more than 20 years. Sandy has had several quite large operations over the years, and every time, the Vets have given him ultimate care. 

I cannot thank them enough especially for this last operation, as he nearly died, but Scott never gave up hope. 

The staff were all amazing.. Scott, Peter, Martin and all the girls at Barkes Corner hospital. Sandy was actually in there for just on 2 weeks. He had the very best of care that anybody could ever want for their much loved pet.

I can highly recommend Barkes Corner Vet Hospital, in my opinion, they are the best!

Marie Ryan

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Call Barkes Corner on 07 543 0026 and Brookfield on 07 576 1818!

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