Dr Scott Raleigh

Veterinarian at Barkes Corner & Brookfield

I was born and bred in Wanganui in 1961. I went to school at Wanganui Collegiate and then spent a year in Reno, Nevada, USA on a Rotary exchange. I started University at Massey in 1980 and finished my veterinary degree at the end of 1984. I started work at Barkes Corner Vet Hospital on 15th November 1984 and have never left. (My one and only job!) I am married to the same lady Michelle for over 30 years (she needs a gold medal!) and we have 2 grown up children that we are proud of. I have seen huge changes in the industry from when I first started and one of the great parts of the job is that you keep learning new information and techniques. I have no plans to go anywhere else, so my clients are stuck with me. I am now seeing pets owned by the grandchildren of clients I met when I started which is a worry. When it is the great grandchildren it may be time to stop!